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Education for Youth's Financial Literacy

Publishe date : 9 October 2022 19:00 WIB Jakarta, Indonesia


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The Business Administration Student Association (HIMANIA) under the Department of Business Administration, Universitas Indonesia has successfully held Niaga's Finance Day (NFD) which is an educational event about finance and investment to increase public awareness, especially among young people, about the importance of financial literacy. This year, NFD collaborated with PT Bank Mandiri Persero Tbk. and Mandiri Sekuritas as the collaborator to support the success of the event. The rise of investment fraud cases that are currently happening shows the lack of education about financial literacy and investment in Indonesian society. Therefore, education about financial literacy needs to be delivered from an early age to reduce the level of fraud cases under the form of investment in Indonesia. In this regard, financial knowledge and skills need to be possessed by each individual so that they can be wiser in managing their personal finance. With the theme "Disclosure: The Primacy Power of Financial Knowledge to Secure The Future", NFD have a goal to make people could achieve financial freedom in the future through financial education and investing tips and tricks for safe and comfortable investing Niaga's Finance Day has three series of events, namely a webinar held on June 24th – 25th, workshop on June 26th, and Financial Essay Competition that takes place from June 6th – 11th July. The webinar itself is divided into 4 sessions filled with experienced speakers, namely Ditya Surasa from Bank Mandiri, Ir. Hendra Gunawan, MSc, MM, CFP as the head of the Mandiri branch, Savira Eviani as the Intermediary Business Schroders Indonesia, and Yusuf Adi Pradana as the Indonesia Stock Exchange Market Development Division. In addition, the 2022 NFD workshop series was also accompanied by experienced mentors, namely Riska Lavinia, Bimawan, Agus Supriadi, and Afdal Syafe'i. This activity received positive responses from the participants, one of whom was Adinda who enjoyed the event, "The series of events has been systematically arranged and the delivery of materials and answers are very easy to understand, so that it inspires me to go further into investing" said Adinda. This is because NFD held a Workshop where participants were guided directly by experts in their fields. Briant as the Project Officer hoped that NFD can develop even more with a wider audience coverage, and NFD can collaborate with more prestigious collaborators.



 BRAND UI is a nationwide business event for students and business enthusiasts to showcase their skills and knowledge on business case competition along with an informative talkshow and webinar dubbed  BRAND Insights.

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 A welcoming party of newest members of HIMANIA UI

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 A programs that include  the tridharma of higher education to build cohesiviness and knowledge sharing between the three elements of the academic community 

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 Event that support the professional career of  IKM Business Administration FIA UI through workshop and mentoring with alumni.

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 Introductury event  to the Business Administration Major and to strengthen relationships between frehmen.

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 This event facilitatet students to fulfill their curiosity about the company and  post-campus life.


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