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About Us


HIMANIA UI is a student organization of Business Administration at the Universitas Indonesia that functions as a forum for developing the potential of Universitas Indonesia Business Administration students to collaborate together so that they can compete on a national scale by upholding the principle of kinship.



HIMANIA UI as a home for potential development of IKM Business Administration Sciences.


  • Increase the sense of familiality of all IKM Administrative Science Niaga FIA Ul so that it creates a sense of ownership toward HIMANIA Ul inclusive.

  • Provide a place for aspirations and development needs for IKM iuu registration of Niaga FIA UI in the field of professional academies, and entrepreneurship.

  • Establish collaboration with HIMANIA UI stakeholders through good and sustainable relationships

Core Value




With our three core values, we believe that empathy-based improvements will result in an overall more meaningful impact and benefit.

Organizational Structure



By upholding the importance of a sense of belonging, HIMANIA UI aims to be

the place for Business Administration students to communicate their

aspirations and develop their talent, especially in the business sector.

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